Are you looking to engage with over 10,000 of Australia’s best and brightest engagement professionals?

As a sponsor of the IAP2 Australasia conference you can gain access to a rapidly growing network of enthusiastic and committed professionals who are increasingly becoming the key influencers and decision makers in government, business and industry.

This virtual event will spread over 5 half days with a mix of keynote speakers, presentations, breakout streams, community  building and knowledge-sharing exercises and networking with fellow engagement practitioners through virtual activities, along with a virtual exhibition where exhibitors can chat and organise 1 on 1 video meetings with attendees. In 2021 the conference will  celebrate 23 years of IAP2 Australasia.

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Arup is the creative force at the heart of many of the world’s most prominent projects in the built environment. We work closely with clients to solve their most complex challenges and transform their public consultation into an experience that improves the level of understanding about the project, and its social, environmental, and economic impacts.


Articulous are the go-to firm for ‘tough’ projects. We take on projects that are complex, controversial and high-profile, and those where it’s difficult to negotiate a solution. Like transforming traditional economies to new knowledge-base economies. Creating economic growth and smarter cities focused on innovation. Growing data to better understand values and needs and support strategic direction. Or working with challenging communities, and those in the hard-to-reach places.

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Borealis is the world’s most advanced stakeholder engagement software. They help organisations centralise all their stakeholders, interactions and communications, as well as building more effective engagement plans, improve relationships and align processes with industry best practices.


Social Pinpoint hosts a flexible suite of digital tools to enhance your community and stakeholder engagement. Simplify the process of capturing meaningful feedback via our intuitive Engagement Platform, or Standalone Tools. Social Pinpoint fuels informed decision-making, encourages diversity and inclusion, and eliminates participation barriers to drive better project outcomes.



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