29 - 31 October, 2019

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Sydney, NSW

Novotel, Brighton Beach


With the best and brightest practitioners

The program has been built along the theme of Engagement Unlocked: Keys to Trust, Connection and Potential and sessions have been selected to energise, challenge and inform practitioners by addressing the issues that matter in modern engagement practice. IAP2 Australasia reserves the right to change this program at any time.

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Day 3

29 October 2019

  • Masterclass: Engaging in Indigenous and Culturally Diverse Environments with IAP2 Australasia trainer, Michelle Feenan
  • Sponsored Workshop presented by Bang the Table: Designing digital engagement to build trust and transparency with Dan Popping
  • Yarning Circle: Interactive discussions about challenges and learnings for engaging First Nations communities with Trish Blackman and Elle Davidson
  • Sponsored Workshop presented by Ethos Urban: Post plastic engagement: is there too much single-use consultation? with Jo Cannington, Ross Hornsey and Julia Miller-Randle
  • Young and Emerging Professionals Mixer
  • Welcome reception by the pool

30 October 2019

  • Conference Opening with special guest keynote presenter Julia Suh, Small Shift
  • Plenary and breakout sessions:
    • Young people don’t give a sh1t, why should we? with Melissa Yee, Janine Lyon and Siobhan Butler, Sam Champion
    • Unlocking the value of local connections – Relationship based Engagement with Carolyn Wallace
    • Going deeper together with Joel Levin
    • Cross Cultural Engagement – The Aboriginal Males Healing Centre Development with Geoffrey Barker and Devon Cuimara
    • Youth Engagement with Phoebe Schumacher and Sarah Fabian
    • Next Generation Research Update – Understanding social risk in the infrastructure sector presented by research team from Australian National University’s Next Generation Engagement Program
  • Playzone sessions
    • Gamification: Expanding your digital engagement toolkit to enable greater participation with Melissa Cordy and Alicia Pickering
    • Public space engagement: Keeping place with civic participation with Catherine Atoms
  • International Keynote Panel: Participation,  Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals – Global Opportunities and Challenges for IAP2
  • IAP2 Australasia Annual General Meeting
  • Core Values Awards Gala Dinner

31 October 2019

  • Breakfast with the Core Values Awards Stars
  • Keynote presenter: Lisa Smith, Minds at Work
  • Breakout sessions
    • What do purpose and vulnerability have in common? with Nicole Walton
    • Mingle: Creating vibrant communities, building genuine neighbourhood connections and the tips to get you there with Jody Gleeson
    • Best Practice Community Engagement: How do we know what ‘best’ really means? with Dr Kirsty Jones, Assoc Prof Sara Bice and Alicia Pickering
    • Walking together: a journey of sharing, learning and building trust with Lauren Harding, Joel Steller, Jo Anne Rey, Julie Bukari Jones, Michelle Locke and Anne Loxley
    • Selling a Dream with Julie Boucher, Sarah Azam and Ashlie Carlyle
    • Feel the burn! Managing burnout as a community engagement practitioner with Rebecca Spencer
    • Data security and ditching the spreadsheet with Sarah-Jane Dabarera and Alison Hendricks
    • Let’s Talk Local: a place-based engagement approach with Alison Chisholm
    • Planning for future engagement with Julie Spencer and Kate Thomas
  • Playzone sessions
    • Empowering the community through art – workshop with Leesa Merrett and Sophie Cook
  • Conference energiser and close

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IAP2 Australasian 2019 Conference

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