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How to talk about climate change in a way that makes a difference

How to Talk About Climate Change in a Way That Makes a Difference

Rebecca Huntley

A toolkit for understanding our emotional responses to climate change and how we can have meaningful conversations across dividing lines.

Why is it so hard to talk about climate change?

While scientists double down on the shocking figures, we still find ourselves unable to discuss climate change meaningfully among friends and neighbours – or even to grapple with it ourselves.

The key to progress on climate change is in the psychology of human attitudes and our ability to change. Whether you’re already alarmed and engaged with the issue, concerned but disengaged, a passive skeptic or an active denier, understanding our emotional reactions to climate change – why it makes us anxious, fearful, angry or detached – is critical to coping on an individual level and convincing each other to act.

This book is about understanding why people who aren’t like you feel the way they do and learning to talk to them effectively. What we need are thousands – millions – of everyday conversations about the climate to enlarge the ranks of the concerned, engage the disengaged and persuade the cautious of the need for action.

Light the Barricades: Reflections from an Exhausted Age

Light the Barricades: Reflections from an Exhausted Age

Candy Chang + James A. Reeves

This limited-edition book is the culmination of Light the Barricades, a participatory public installation that spanned four sites across Los Angeles. These electrified shrines served as spaces for contemplating the psychological barriers in our lives and garnered over 3,000 handwritten reflections from visitors.

This book collects hundreds of these responses, ranging from personal reflections to broader political, spiritual, and psychosocial statements that create a contemporary American portrait. It also includes the fables that appeared on the installations, an introduction to the I Ching, meditations on emotional barriers, and the artists’ notes on the process and the role of ritual in public life. Each book is signed by the artists and comes with a one-of-a-kind Chinese ink study by Candy Chang that developed into the artwork for the installation.

Greetings from Trumpland

Greetings from Trumpland: How an unprecedented presidency changed everything

Zoe Daniel, Roscoe Whalan

Zoe Daniel’s new book, Greetings from Trumpland, is a timely reflection on how the Trump presidency has changed the world.

Donald Trump, the mercurial US president, has had the world on a string since he declared he would run for office. He’s presided over arguably the most volatile White House in history, with a revolving door for senior staff and advisors, and haphazard decision-making that’s turned years of entrenched US policy on its head.

Journalists Zoe Daniel and Rosscoe Whalan were in the thick of history in the making, following the 2016 campaign through the states that turned the election, and talking to the ‘forgotten people’ who threw caution to the wind and elected Donald Trump. What was it that drove their choice , and what did they hope to achieve with the Trump experiment?

Via travels through America and beyond, and interviews with real people and leaders over five years, this book explores the changed boundaries and expectations in a world of unprecedented political partisanship and populism. Is Donald Trump a cause or an effect in a world of narcissism, reality TV, information manipulation and overt greed?

In the aftermath of Trump’s election loss to Joe Biden, we enter 2021 in a state of global crisis on several fronts. From shaking up global institutions, to isolationist foreign policy, to language and actions around race and gender, to the use of inflammatory rhetoric and the mobilisation of division, to the invention of ‘fake news’, this book explores how Donald Trump’s one-term presidency changed the world and, in a post-Trump world, how far-reaching and longstanding the consequences may be.

Tasneem Chopra

Consulting Services

Tasneem Chopra

A Cross-cultural Consultant, Tasneem addresses issues of diversity, equity and inclusion across organisational leadership, including intersectionality within government, corporate, arts and community sectors.

She is the inaugural 2021 Ambassador for Women of Colour, Australia.  In 2020, Tasneem was awarded an OAM (Order of Australia Medal) for her efforts in championing diversity and has also been named an Anti-Racism Champion by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

In addition to her Consultancy, Tasneem was recently appointed a panellist on the Anti-racism expert group for the Collingwood Football Club. She is also a Director for The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)The Crescent Institute, the South Asian Australian’s Researching Ideas (SAARI) as well as a Strategic Advisor to Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV), the In-Touch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence and the La Trobe University School of Humanities.