25 - 29 October, 2021

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With the best and brightest practitioners

The IAP2 Australasia Conference has a reputation as the preeminent Community and Stakeholder Engagement event in Australasia for engagement and communications professionals.

This year the conference will take place on the 25 – 29 October, 2021 virtually. This five-day event will be a mix of keynote speakers, presentations, breakout session and networking with fellow engagement practitioners plus social functions including the fabulous IAP2 Core Values Awards Dinner.

This year the theme will be Changing Landscapes will explore themes of how community and stakeholder engagement is evolving in response to emerging issues, changes and challenges presented by natural disasters, the pandemic, engaging with disadvantaged communities, diversity, equity and inclusion, climate change, globalisation and more.

We aim to present a conference that is interactive, experiential and fun, while addressing the issues that matter in modern engagement practice.

The IAP2 Australasia Conference will bring together engagement practitioners, community development practitioners, communications and marketing professionals and academics to explore the practice of engagement.

The conference will build on IAP2’s reputation for offering a dynamic, interactive and targeted program that supports professional development and enhances the practice of project communications, community and stakeholder engagement.

The IAP2 Australasia conference will be attended by delegates working across a diversity of industries and sectors in Australia and New Zealand countries.


Benefits of Attending:

    • Network with engagement and communications professionals, the IAP2 Australasia board, and make new connections.
    • Learn from a variety of speakers with a wide range of perspectives, future thinking, practical take-away tips and ideas around community and stakeholder engagement.
    • Discover new and valuable insights into community engagement, and how to overcome challenges and obstacles commonly encountered as an engagement practitioner or team.
    • Take a deep dive in workshops and breakout sessions designed to enable attendees to learn more around the theme of changing landscapes
    • Explore the possibilities of new tools, systems and concepts.
    • Learn from new and award-winning Australasia and New Zealand case studies.
    • Discover fresh and new perspectives and ideas on how to engage with the hard-to-reach “silent voices”, including diverse and vulnerable communities.
    • Align your professional development in the community and stakeholder engagement field.

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